Triple Scented WITH Essential Oils

Scensoya is a specialist manufacturer of exquisite candles since 2010. Contained in each candle is a luxurious natural blend of essential oils, carefully selected eco-friendly materials, and beautiful quality. Uncompromising in our choice of raw ingredients: the purest soy waxes and cotton wicks create smooth clean burning candles. The careful attention to quality and detail means that our candles burn evenly, to the last drop. Each candle in the collection is personally poured in small batches. Importantly, our candles are scented with pure essential oils, giving you a total aromatherapy experience. Our blends have been precisely developed by practitioners to ensure great scent throw so you will notice their essence in the room. Scensoya is located in the Blue Mountains of NSW, a natural heritage area of creativity, where ambience and beauty come together in every candle.

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Interested in selling our candles?

Are you looking for a new product line for your business… something to give you an edge in your business? Why not consider stocking our ecofriendly Scensoya Luxury Spa Candles? Our candles are handmade in Australia, in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney. We use the best natural soy wax available. Our candles are made only with pure essential oils. You can choose the product mix that best suits your business. We can also make recommendations to you. Plus, we offer great profit margins across the entire range, whilst remaining competitively priced in the marketplace. So, if you are interested in stocking our candles please contact us directly at your convenience and we shall forward a wholesale pricelist.

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