Scensoya was created by Anne Moran (a long-standing massage therapist) in early 2010. The purpose of the business was to fill the requests from many of her clients for a range of luxury scented essential oil candles, as none were readily available. There were certainly many beautiful candles around but on close inspection they were mainly scented with fragrant oils containing chemicals. There was nothing completely natural on the market.

Her clients were asking for something to help relax them at night, keep their children alert during study, create a more cheerful environment, and help with concentration. An opportunity presented itself to create a range of candles using vegetable based waxes, and pure cotton wicks – a natural, eco-friendly range of candles.

Anne stepped up to the challenge, and in collaboration with a close friend with years of aromatherapy expertise combined, they came up with an amazing range of essential oil candles which are featured in this website.

These candles are triple scented and fast becoming a desired luxury brand of candle for the home, day spa and natural therapies clinic.