Handmade Candles at Manly April 14

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handmade pledge

The giver of a handmade gift has avoided the parking lots and long lines of the big chain stores in favour of something more meaningful. If the giver has purchased the gift, she feels the satisfaction of supporting an artist or crafter directly.

The recipient of the handmade gift receives something that is one-of-a-kind, and made with care and attention that can be seen and touched. It is the result of skill and craftsmanship that is absent in the world of large-scale manufacturing.

Join us and take the pledge to buy hand made this Mother’s Day.

We will be at the Manly Markets Sunday April 14 with a table full of handmade candles for all personalities and individual tastes! See you there in perfect autumn weather. Cheers.

The Perfect Mothers Day Candle Gift

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Passion & Romance pillar candleMake your mum feel extra special this year!

Remind mum of her specialness for hours and hours when you give her a candle gift that lasts and lasts.

It’s the perfect gift for someone who deserves the best.

Bring colour and scent into her home with one of our Scensoya Everyday Essential Candles. If you need to wow your mum then the scent and sight of these beautiful candles will do the trick.

Express your love for your Mother or someone special this May 12th. Mention this Facebook post and receive $5 off your purchase for this sunday only, at Manly Marketplace, with our thanks.

Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

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Celebrate Mother's Day With A Scensoya Candle
Celebrate With A Scensoya Candle

Did you know that Mother’s Day is an American invention, first celebrated back in 1908? Today it is an internationally recognised holiday celebrated by millions all over the world.

Apparently in some countries it is potentially offensive to one’s mother not to mark Mother’s Day, whilst in other countries, it is a little-known festival possibly celebrated by immigrants only.

Here in Australia, the thought of giving gifts to mothers on Mother’s Day was started by Mrs Janet Heyden of Sydney, back in 1924 as a charitable gesture that now has become the norm.

The Chrysanthemum flower is the typical flower of choice for Mother’s Day, as the flower is naturally in season during May, and as it ends in ‘mum’, it seems appropriate don’t you think!

However, if you prefer a gift that will last longer than the vase of flowers, consider one of our beautiful floral scented candles.

Express your love for your Mother or someone special this May 12th. All orders placed through our website will receive a BONUS gift with our thanks. Hurry limited stock applies.

Candles at Manly March 31

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easter-eggHope to see you all at Manly tomorrow for a great Easter Sunday Shop!

The weather is turning out beautifully for the long weekend. So come on out for a stroll along your favourite beach and down through the marketplace.

Mention this posting and save 10% off your purchase, no matter how much you buy.


Palm Candles Look Like Pots Of Paint.

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topdown view of palm pillarsSpent some time this afternoon taking photos of the candles. Lots of new photos have been uploaded onto the website, so take a look and see how beautiful our candles are looking with their lovely new labels.

Whilst taking these pics thought it was time to do something different, so I decided to take a photo from the top looking straight down on the palm pillar candles. The result is quite cool I think!

Let me know if you like it too…..

Candles At Manly March 24

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As Summer fades away, Autumn creeps into view with its own personality and style. Here is a photo I came across in my files, and just had to share, encapsulating Autumn in its splendour.

Introduce this colour palette of rich greens, reds, oranges, golds and yellows into your home decor for a seasonal accent. Think about accessories such as cushions, lighting, throws, flowers, and of course CANDLES. Take a look here at our autumn coloured candles, perfect complements to your home.
Energise Pillar GroupCheering Pillar GroupCalm Pillar GroupPassion Pillar Group

Natural Wax Candles At Manly Saturday March 16

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Just a quick note to let you all know that we will be at the markets tomorrow, Saturday March 16 as well as Sunday March 17.

We hope you will drop by and say hello, check out our stall and of course buy a candle!

See you over the weekend.


Create A Personal Living Space With A Scensoya Candle

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buddha_pillar-small2Create a personal living space with one of our natural wax palm pillar candles.

You can complement a neutral palette with accents of colour all over your home. Personally I like to change my colours after summer and around the middle of spring.

If you follow fashion then you will know that the colour of the season is Emerald green. Lots of other colours go beautfully with Emerald, like our Energise & Focus green candle, or our Fresh & Clearing aqua candle, maybe you prefer the Restore & Balance orchid pink as a contrast. Remember, its all about personalising your space.

Happy redecorating…. By the way we will be at Manly markets tomorrow (Saturday) as well as our usual Sunday stall appearance. Hope to see you there.

Make Me A Musk Candle!

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ebay single large passion
After our successful weekend markets at Manly, today was all about replenishing stock, in particular, the Passion & Romance candle.

With its musky scent, it attracts both sexes…. in more ways than should be revealed in daytime facebooking!!!!

Hope you are all having fun in whatever you’re all up to. Cheers.

Everyone loves lemongrass candles!

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Energise Soy JarEnergise & Focus TinEnergise Pillar Group
Seems like this was the product of the weekend…

Just about ran out of our Energise & Focus candles. It is always amazing as the season changes, so does the purchasing taste for candles.

Can’t wait to see what’s hottest next sunday!