Scensoya candles are beautiful, highly scented and obviously made with love! They add ambience to every room.  Carole, Katoomba, NSW.


Candles are great!!!!! They have been the perfect gift for family and friends in Europe. Thanks a lot. Martina, Gladesville, NSW.


I have been a loyal fan of Scensoya candles for a few years now.  I love the depth of fragrance, long burning time and the value for money that Scensoya candles delivers. Fiona, Wentworth Falls, NSW.


I have been enjoying Scensoya candles for several years now.  I find that they always burn well and I frequently get surprised as to how all the wax gets burned up leaving behind an almost clean glass container!  I am also surprised at how consistent the fragrances are even with multiple burning sessions.  I just love Scensoya candles and have one in every room of my home and business.  Even when not lit, they add a warmth to the ambience.  Wishing you the same delightful experience! Heather, Balgowlah, NSW.