Candles Are The Perfect Gift

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SAY IT YOUR WAY THIS MOTHERS DAY This year buy mum something that will last beyond the traditional bunch of flowers. Give her a candle! Remind mum of her specialness for hours and hours when you give her a gift … Continued

Handmade Candles at Manly April 14

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The giver of a handmade gift has avoided the parking lots and long lines of the big chain stores in favour of something more meaningful. If the giver has purchased the gift, she feels the satisfaction of supporting an artist … Continued

The Perfect Mothers Day Candle Gift

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Make your mum feel extra special this year! Remind mum of her specialness for hours and hours when you give her a candle gift that lasts and lasts. It’s the perfect gift for someone who deserves the best. Bring colour … Continued

Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

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Did you know that Mother’s Day is an American invention, first celebrated back in 1908? Today it is an internationally recognised holiday celebrated by millions all over the world. Apparently in some countries it is potentially offensive to one’s mother … Continued

Candles at Manly March 31

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Hope to see you all at Manly tomorrow for a great Easter Sunday Shop! The weather is turning out beautifully for the long weekend. So come on out for a stroll along your favourite beach and down through the marketplace. … Continued

Palm Candles Look Like Pots Of Paint.

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Spent some time this afternoon taking photos of the candles. Lots of new photos have been uploaded onto the website, so take a look and see how beautiful our candles are looking with their lovely new labels. Whilst taking these … Continued